Backup Solutions



Esperto's Datto Total Data Protection Platform is a fully featured Backup AND Disaster Recovery solution delivered in one integrated package.

It provides complete data and infrastructure protection of all your physical and virtual servers, critical desktops, and data – both locally and in the cloud.

If you accidentally lose data, it can immediately be restored. If you experience a site disaster, your entire server and storage environment can be provisioned from our SIRIS cloud almost immediately – allowing your business to continue to operate, long before new infrastructure is built.


The Datto Appliance

This is the appliance responsible for handling the entire back up process – it’s the brains of the entire platform. Protected server images are collected, managed scheduled virtualised, restored, and booted. Files can be compared and restored, diskless and bare metal restores initiated (these features can also be managed remotely by Silicon). We’ll fit the right sized appliance for your business – from 1TB to 120TB, Datto is an ideal solution for businesses large and small.



The Datto Cloud

Behind every Datto solution is the Datto private cloud, storing all your off-site backups (forever) AND providing offsite virtualisation for business continuity and disaster recovery. Your Datto Appliance intelligently replicates to the cloud on a schedule determined by you. If a large scale disaster should strike, the Datto Cloud can immediately stand up your entire environment – and will continue to do so until your replacement Datto appliance arrives. 


Image Agents

First-of-its-kind Linux and Mac agents, as well as Windows agents schedule and execute Server and Desktop image backups with the local SIRIS device. These can be installed on virtual or physical workstations and servers running these operating systems. In fact, for VMware environments, agents are not required. Back ups for all protected machines can take place as frequently as every 5 minutes.

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