Asset Management


Keep track of your assets with a centralised system designed to give you detailed insights into how your assets stack up. If you own or lease multiple assets as part of your regular business operations, it’s important to know where those assets are, who is responsible for them and how they are being used. It could be anything from computers and laptops to vehicles and mobile phones, you can keep track of how your assets are performing/depreciating over time.

Know your businesses worth by tracking assets and keeping tabs on the way they are being used and their effectiveness into the future of your business. Plus, you’ll save yourself valuable time and money by keeping an up to date record of your assets at any given point.

At Esperto Group, we recommend Asset Guru which is a cloud based service suitable for a number of different businesses. The system is easy to use and most importantly puts you in control of your assets with access to detailed reporting, allowing you to map your assets across multiple locations if needed. Keep yourself in the loop and on top of the things that make your business tick but chatting to us about your asset management needs today!

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